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premium fertilizer

The Premium Organic Fertilizer is the result of products from nature and is based on the raw material of turkey manure, an organic source and complete of macro and micronutrients with the highest nutritional indexes on the market, registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Registration at IBD.

fertilizer plus

Organic Fertilizer Plus is produced from turkey poultry litter, with a high content of organic matter, the product goes through a rigorous process of fermentation and physical and biological stabilization, thus the material is free of any chemical and biological contaminants.


The Organomineral Fertilizer Adubasul is produced through the mixture of industrialized organic fertilizer and mineral elements, this composition results in perfect balanced formulas to supply the nutrition required by the crop cultivation.


Our fertilizers have the best nutritional guarantees in the market and organic raw material rich in macro and micronutrients, thus ensuring the health of production from start to finish.

We are certified by IBD (Association Certification of Institute Biodynamic), the largest certifier in Latin America for organic products and the only Brazilian certifier for organic products.

The only fertilizer industry in Brazil that uses only turkey manure. We do not use other wastes (residues from slaughterhouse, incubators, swine waste or others).                                                                                         

All of this, to guarantee producers the best results!

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more than 30 years of experience in fertilizers
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more than 60 technical assistants throughout Brazil
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more than 10.000 families trust Adubasul

Why choose the Adubasul?

We combine substances of natural origin, providing conditions for cultivation, without harming the environment.

We offer the largest nutritional indexes on the market, certified and registered.

The raw material is 100% organic from turkey manure, rich in macro and micronutrients.


Potentialize the results of your tillage!

Count on the best organic fertilizer
in Brazil.